Compliance driven Innovation.

Squarable delivers innovative world class systems while adhering to regulatory compliance. We have built health, medical financial systems for mid-market, venture and private equity funded companies.

Paradigm Shift in Compliance

Historically product developers typically held-off regulatory considerations until later in the development process and then undertook costly scrambles to recover designs and documentation from regulatory pit-falls and hurdles – we have built compliance frameworks built for scale.

Lean Approach

The application of Lean principles to product regulatory and risk management is an example of an innovative product development method, where focus on identification and elimination of project waste provides direct cost benefits within the product and across the product development life cycle.

Build for Innovation

Adherence to compliance allows for sustainability. Global regulatory changes are driving product development companies to improve the environmental performance of their businesses and products. Technology enhancements based on AI and deep learning can only be applied properly and legally with systems that are compliant.

Flexibility for compliance is at the root of everything we do.

We build HIPAA/GDPR compliant applications for the healthcare industry. Your custom applications are immediately HIPAA compliant, and will always meet the high standards of security and privacy mandated by the government.

  • AI

    Build AI and deep learning integration to optimize algorithms and performance.

  • Security first

    Experienced in developing secure messaging compliance driven communications.

  • Data

    Improve patient treatment through technology and data analytics.

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Technology assessment for mergers and acquisitions.

We have performed technology as well as business due diligence for the viability of acquisitions. We assess a target using a proprietary process, that allow us to effectively measure the quality of an acquisition. Our expertise in various technology stacks and business verticals helps us paint a comprehensive picture for our partners.

Our clients encompass companies in healthcare, retail, and financial sectors.

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About us


Alan Ellman leads Squarable and is a serial technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience helping launch diverse startups as well as assisting private/venture capital, business strategy, partnerships in developing business models and technology. Alan founded ScreamingMedia (NASDAQ:SCRM), which sold to Dow Jones, as well as launched an early technology incubator.